In Loving Memory/In Honor Of

Your donations given in memory or honor of someone do much to help our Foundation’s programs. Any amount is appreciated. Those who donate $100 or more will be listed here.
We rejoice with those who want to show their appreciation for someone living by making a special donation in his or her honor. We share the sorrow of those donors who have lost a beloved family member, friend, or pet.
The Foundation will acknowledge your generosity and notify the family involved of your gift. Amounts are not disclosed in the notification.

Questions? Please call 615-217-1030 or email

In Memory of Janet Jones Given by Betty Estes and Patricia Timm
In Memory of James Robert DeMonbreum Given by Cynthia Johnson
In Memory of Heather Gay Lanier Given by Sarah Pelts
In Memory of Christmas Daisy Poetic Justice loving puppy of Larry & Cindy Phillips Given by Ann Caffey
In Memory of  Alex the poodle of James & Cindy Shadrick Given by Ann Caffey
In Memory of Meca the dog of Corley Price Given by Ann Caffey