About Beesley Animal Foundation

Jesse C. Beesley, a local noted sculptor, was instrumental in forming the first humane society in Rutherford County in 1976. He inspired the formation of the spay/neuter clinic in 1992.

Beesley is especially proud it was instrumental in establishing the requirement that all adopted animals be spayed/neutered, and in support of that requirement we operate an affordable spay/neuter clinic where approximately 250 surgeries (both shelter adoptions and public pets) are performed each month. Since the opening of our clinic in May 1992 we have performed thousands of surgeries. Today the Beesley Animal Foundation operates Beesley Animal Clinic and is dedicated to decreasing the suffering caused by pet overpopulation.

There are also three other programs that fall under the Beesley Animal Foundation umbrella. The foundation strives to educate the community about responsible pet care, it offers financial assistance to help qualified people spay or neuter their cat or dog, and  through the community outreach program we give vaccinations to the cays and dogs of the homeless, underserved, and seniors. Also, we collaborate with 10 different organizations in Rutherford and Cannon counties to distribute cat and dog food with their human food programs.


Beesley provides responsible pet care through community awareness and education and affordable health services for cats and dogs. 


Beesley Animal Foundation offers several education programs to the public. The presentations very in length depending on the audience but span but are not limited to the following subjects.

• Avoiding animal bites
• Kindness to animals
• Responsible pet ownership
• Importance of rabies shots
• Proper vet care
• Leash laws
• Importance of population control

The sessions vary from 15 minutes for preschool to 30-45 minutes for older students and include handouts. They are fun as well as informative and if you are interested in bringing an educational program to your school or organization, contact the Beesley Animal Foundation at (615) 217-1030 or send us an inquiry via our contact form.



Beesley Animal Clinic

Beesley Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing care and kindness to animals. Our main goals are to provide affordable spay and neuter services for everyone and to educate each individual about responsible pet ownership. Beesley Animal Clinic’s affordable spay/neuter clinic is open to the public, shelter, pet adoption, welfare services and rescue groups for spay/neuter surgery and vaccinations. While this is our main emphasis at the clinic, we do offer a few other services as well.